PagerTabStrip + ViewPager

Maybe you already know about ViewPager and are using something like ViewPagerIndicator by JakeWharton for indicating the title. Did you know that there is something doing that in the support library? If you use it, it looks like this:

Now how do you use this? First you need to set

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Android: Coverage report for unit tests

You want to have a nice report how much you cover with your Android unit tests? Here a quick walkthrough how to get such a report (see screenshots of report below).

In this example I expect that your test project is in a folder "tests" in your project folder which

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Lift Tutorial 2: Nice Server with Jetty and MongoDB

What this tutorial will cover

  • EC2 instance
  • Jetty
  • MongoDB
  • Screen (to have both Jetty and MongoDB running in the background and see the output)
  • Easy deployment script (SCP)

EC2 instance

I just got a free micro EC2 instance at AWS (Amazon Web Services) for 1 year for free (see here

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Lift Tutorial 1: Development Environment Setup

What this tutorial will cover

  • Lift (Scala)
  • SBT (Simple Build Tool)
  • Jetty (Web Server - using it out of sbt)
  • Eclipse (Editor)
  • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (Editor)

Operating System

I will write down instructions for Mac OS X. But for Windows or Linux the instructions might only differ slightly.


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Android: Useful adb shell commands

While I am developing on Android there are some commands the android shell offers, that I just love. They are very helpful for debugging or testing some things. Let me share my favorites with you. If you have other ones you use often, please tell me those in the comments

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Android: Reverse Engineering

Why would you want to reverse engineer a android application? Well there are different reasons:

  • To find out how the other apps work
    • To see how they behave
    • How you can send Intents to those Apps to open certain Activities from your own app (did that with the Facebook app
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